Free Consultation

Is 15 Minutes Worth It To You To Find Out If You Could Recover Your Vision?

Don’t worry. A free consultation with Dr. Rosenfarb to find out if acupuncture might be the best treatment option for you will not cost you money.

We would like to invite you to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Rosenfarb so he can learn more about your personal situation. Without asking you certain questions, we don’t know if you would make a good candidate or not for our treatment.

Plus, during the consultation, he will share with you the many successful patients that he has treated with macular degeneration. Many of whom are featured on this site.

Who Should Book A Consultation

  • You are interested in coming to New Jersey to be treated by Dr. Rosenfarb and have some questions before you decide on treatment.

Who Should Not Book A Consultation

  • You have questions that are already answered on the blog such as supplement questions. Start with our free Consumer Awareness Guide to get most of your questions answered.
  • You plan to be treated by another acupuncturist. We want to reserve the few spots Dr. Rosenfarb has for free consults for future patients. If you plan to be treated by someone, please enjoy our free blog content to get most of your questions answered.

Go ahead and fill out the form and he will call you for the brief consultation.

Waiting List – 2 Weeks

Due to the popularity of the free consultation with Dr. Rosenfarb and the limitations on his time, the wait is now two weeks before a consultation can be conducted. If someone cancels, it could be sooner and we will give you a call. There is only one of Dr. Rosenfarb and thousands of people visiting our websites so it is a first come first serve basis to schedule a free consult.

Priority Waiting List

We do have a “priority list” that you can be put on. Please contact us for more details.

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