Concerns With RP Patients Seeking Acupunture

I am writing about a topic that if it were up to me, would prefer not bring up, discuss or even give any energy to for that matter.

However, I feel obligated as a leading practitioner working with Retinitis Pigmentosa patients to let others know about the feedback that I have been receiving from several patients about patient care.

My intention is not to bash fellow colleagues or go on an emotional tirade.   My primary concern here is to assist those people with RP seeking out more information on acupuncture treatment and how to  go about selecting select the right acupunturists.  I am posting a list of concerns or “Red Flags,” that I hope will be received in the spirit is is meant.

I encourage everyone that I speak with to conduct their own research and find the doctor that is best suited for each individual (preferably one that offers a guarantee of servies)



Lack of Knowledge, Experience and Specialized Training

Many people think they are saving money by staying local and/or seeking out treatment from an acupunturists with no experince in treating RP.    At the very least, if you choose to get treated locally your acupunturists should have read my books on Chinese Medical (TCM) Ophthahmlogy and/or taken my online course on TCM Ophthalmology for acupunturists at    We also do live workshops for acupuntutrists.  There is very little information avaiable to acupuncturists on how to treat RP and most of what is out there has been written by myelf.

There are a few other practioners with experince in treatng RP – some I recommend, and other I do not.  I will give a list and my reaonsinging in another blog post.

Also, keep in mind that in many states allow chiropractors and MD’s to practice acupuncture with 100 hours (or less) of trainning – mostly online.  We compare this to our rigrous 3-5 year Master Degree and Doctoral programs in Chinese Medicine that all licensed acupuncturist go through.  Weekend courses in acupuncture are insufficient training … period!

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”    – Benjamin Franklin

On the flip-side, there seem to be some unethical practioners who charge astronomical fees for chinese herbs and acupuncture services.  Others make unreasonable clams such as wrecoveinring 90% of your vision within one year.  I have treated thousands of eye patients and although we have amazing reults most of the time, claims need to be reasonable and accurate.  Presenting  misleading information, scripting patient tesimonials treating unresponseive patients and making false claims is unprofessional and unethical to say the least.


Not Performing Conventional Ophthalmic Functional Testing

If your acupunturists is testing your vision before and after an initial series of treatment, he/she MUST do standard ophthalmic testing to measure your response.  This may include acuity, visual field (manual and or digital), etc.

Without excepton, vision testing MUST be done before treatment starts and after an initial series of treatment.  This is the ONLY way to determine if treatments is working.  If your acupunturists cannot do testing make sure your ophthalmologistt does the testing.

Practitioners who Claim They Are Superior to any other Acupunturist

There are definitelly acupucnture systems and methods that work better for RP and other vision related conditions.   Any well trained acupunturist in any othese systems may be able to perform treatment with good success.

Issues arise when practitioners ego escalates to the point of presenting themseves as demi-gods.  Reality check.  Patients do the healing, not the practitioners … practitioners just set the stage.  What we do with acupunture and related techniques is a leanred skill that has come from years ofhard work and dill and igence in the field- it is NOT a divine gift from the heavens.   We as ractioners must foster a mutual respect and rappor wiht patients.  Healing is collaberative effort and healing-relationship between patient and practioiner.



It’s very sad. It’s amazing how many patiens are bullies by their doctors.  Amazingly I have been hearing more and more resports of a few acupuntuists who use unethical scare tactics and bullying to their patients.  Dealing with the reality of possibly going blind one day from RP and then to face a bullying situation that prompts them to write “it’s was the most negative energy I’ve ever encountered from someone that claims to help people.”  This complaint and many others like it have come to me about one of the other practioners skilled in how to treat RP.  In the past I referred many patients to him but will no longer do so.  There is simply no excuse for verbally abusing and bullying patients on any level!  For this I have a “Zero-Tolernace” policy.

This practitioenr has been charging outragous rates for acupunture and herbs, having patients return who show no imprvement, and feeding patients lines when they report video testimonials.  The results reported are inacurate,  misleading and dishonest with clams to “bring back 90% of your vision in one year.”  Vision recovery is possible with acupunture – having don this for 16 years and seen thousands of RP patients, there is NO WAY this is possible.   There is an enourmous lack of integrity and these kinds of false promises are what gives acupunture and chinese medicine a bad name.

Practitioens with god complexes, have no buiness practing.  They tend to put themselves before patients and use two common exuses when patients do not repsond:


1- Your case is too complicated or advanced

2- You doubt me and your lack of faith will cause you not to respond.

In conclusion, it is an unfortunate situation and I wish that it did not happen to this person or similar situations like it involving Dr. Yu but I think it needed to be addressed. I am going to assume that most people reading this blog are over the age of eighteen  and are considered an adult. With that being said, “please” do your research when looking for treatment for your Retinitis Pigmentosa. Make sure you feel comfortable with the person and please…DO NOT let a practitioner use fear as a means to persuade you to come.