Retinitis Pigmentosa Success Story: Pamela Now Plays Baseball With Her Son

Here is a quick video (along with the transcript) of a patient of mine named Pamela. She went through a successful treatment with me and her results have been amazing…those are her own words. Enjoy.

My name is Pamela. I started seeing Dr. Rosenfarb in June of 2011 for retinitis pigmentosa and cataracts. After just a week of treatment, I noticed small improvements in my visual field mainly through the visual field test.

But once I got home after the 2-week treatment, I noticed – this is the story I tell everyone – the biggest thing for me is that I could play baseball with my son. And I couldn’t do that before which was amazing because I could roll the ball, a big ball with him but I couldn’t catch a ball or play with a ball smaller than like a big ball. So, being able to actually play baseball with my son was a huge thing for me.

I also noticed that I didn’t run into things as often. My field didn’t feel as restricted. I felt like I could move, I could navigate a room more freely with a little more confidence. And that’s still the case. I mean, especially when doing better with my supplements and the regimen that he has made me doing at home; I noticed that my eyes feel stronger and I have more good eyelids.

I have gotten visual field tests at home and they have been better than prior seeing Dr. Rosenfarb as well which I just think is absolutely amazing because I didn’t think that was possible. I came here hoping that I could just maintain the vision that I have. Not losing anymore. But to get the vision back is just been amazing so I owe a lot to Dr. Rosenfarb and his team.

I am very happy that we discovered him. I wish that I have discovered him years ago. But, you know, I am just very grateful and amazed. And I wish that this would catch on so that so many more people can be helped. So, thank you.

Your Turn

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